Welcome to Two Concertinas! A landing page for all of my development and projects, whether they be programming or music related this is the place to see them!




Gallows Humor!

I’ve been playing with the band, Gallows Humor, since June 2018. I also currently am doing the webpage.  I’ll post some videos of songs I’ve played, but for now here’s the webpage. www.GallowsHumorBand.com

Fools and the Fae – Danny Boy

Last year (2016) I’d performed with my band, “The Fools and the Fae” at Off Kilter Kilts in Pasadena, Californa. I haven’t played as much with them this past year as a lot of performances have conflicted with SCA events. Here’s a performance of us doing “Danny Boy”… But not like you’d expect it.


I am a software developer and English concertina player in Los Angeles, California. This is where I showcase my art and projects.