Price List for Webpage Design

Basic Setup – $400

  • Register and setup domain name
  • Setup webpage hosting at, with new domain name (hosting cost not included)
  • Create basic webpage using WordPress
  • Install WordPress templates for initial design:
    • Plugins: Classic Editor, Display Posts, Hide Page and Post Title, Limit Login Attempts, Simple Music Widget, Stop Signup Spam, WordPress Importer, Contact Form 7, Add From Server (Useful Basic plugins, others may be installed as needed)
  • Minimum 3 basic pages – More as appropriate  (i.e. videos, blog posts, etc.)
    • Home/Welcome page
    • Contact page
    • About page
    • Social Media links
  • Images provided by customer, including attributions (photographer/art), as well as textual information. Work with customer to select a desired design, as well as colors and basic layout.
  • Create email forwards for any members who need them., to forward to an external email address. Or use email at host if desired by customer.
  • Create other WordPress “blog” accounts as needed.

Electronic Press Kit – $50

  • Register and setup domain name 
  • Setup webpage hosting at, with new domain name (hosting cost not included)
    • Contact page
    • Bios (Short/Long)
    • Photos (High Res needed)
    • Videos or Audio as provided by customer

Automated Schedule display on main page – $100

  • Install WordPress templates
    • Woody ad Snippets (for PHP)
    • Create MySQL Database for Schedule table
    • Create page for inserting new band schedule into table
    • Create page for displaying Schedule
      • Next Performance
      • Upcoming Performances
      • Past Performances
    • Display Next performance on Main page

    Digital Sales – Enabling Digital Downloads – $100

    • Installing and registering WordPress plugin, Easy Digital Downloads
    • Setting up PayPal functionality, need information from customer’s PayPal account to enable.
    • Customer to provide high quality MP3, or digital artwork (jpg, or pdf, depending on products), as well as sample MP3s, or snippets of songs, or low-res images as appropriate
    • Discuss pricing with customer, for individual items, or bundled items
    • Creating page to list digital downloads for sale
    • Testing digital download with PayPal

    Lyric Pages – $50 per album, up to ~15 songs

    • Create lyrics pages, broken up by album, or logical convention provided by the customer.
    • Lyrics to be provided by the customer, though willing to do data-entry as needed.  Prefer to have lyrics provided.
    • Album art, or other art work to be provided by customer.

    Connect to Twitter – $15 

    • Enable connection with Twitter to allow webpage posts to be pushed to Twitter account.  Will need Twitter login information from Customer, or will create new Twitter account.

    SQL Database Song List – $25 

    • Initial Spreadsheet with customer. Will work with customers to define columns for songs (values such as type of song)
    • Customize Song display

    Costs not included, prices subject to change from 2019, and are set by the Hosting company or ICANN.

    As these occur, I’ll pay them and include them as a separate item on the invoice.

    • $17.28 for first year hosting at, $33.88 for subsequent years.
    • $9.06 for domain registration. This could change slightly per year, paid to keep the registration alive.